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T. Ramsey & Associates is a group of committed individuals that are dedicated to supporting the growth of businesses, nonprofits, and public servants worldwide. We have honored this commitment from our inception in 2015.

Our Background

How We Got Here

T. Ramsey & Associates is a mission-driven, strategic, social impact consulting firm. Our goal is to lead nonprofits, micro-enterprises, small businesses, and governmental entities toward sustainability for the communities they serve. 


We do this by working individually with each of our clients and supporting them as a one stop resource to address their needs.


All work performed by T. Ramsey & Associates is led with an economic, racial, and social justice lens. We support businesses and organizations in their pursuit of sustainable growth and profit.


Services Offered


Our trainings are rooted in inclusion, equity, and compassion. Our trainers center the group, building upon the room’s dynamics and participants' experiences. Our trainers have lived experience and education in their industry that we use to support and lift our clients.


Tameka speaks on a host of topics that are designed to inspire individuals, teams, groups, organizations, and businesses to ACTION! She provides memorable and engaging dialogue that is culturally relevant with a social justice lens.


Our approach is to intentionally focus on our clients as their whole selves, personally and professionally. We select our clients with intention and seek partnerships. With over 20 years of experience in social work, community organizing, the non-profit industrial complex, and local government, we have lived through many experiences that we use to benefit our clients.



hours of small business training


hours of non-profit training


hours of one on one support with business owners and nonprofit executives.


years of experience and technical assistance

Our Clients

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We are the associates you can count on to create the plan behind your business/nonprofit with flawless execution.

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