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T. Ramsey & Associates' Business Training


Our mission at T. Ramsey & Associates is to provide strategic, social impact consulting services to nonprofits, micro-enterprises, small businesses, and governmental entities. Our goal is to lead our clients towards sustainability by providing tailored solutions that enhance their operations and promote positive social and economic outcomes for the communities they serve. We are driven by our commitment to economic, racial, and social justice and strive to make a lasting impact in the world through our work.


Tameka Ramsey

Diversity, equity and inclusion. These attributes have always been at the core of Tameka M. Ramsey, owner/principle associate of T. Ramsey and Associates, driven by her aspiration to help. With her educational background including an Associate’s Degree in Mental Health/Social Work from Oakland Community College, a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from Wayne State University, and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration with a double concentration in Nonprofit Management and Municipal Government Management from Oakland University, her foundation was set.

Tameka accessed training and workshops with organizations such as Build Institute and the National Entrepreneurs Association, while learning through trial and error how to successfully run her own strategic, social impact consulting business. She has attained 20 years of dual experience in training and public speaking, all of which has strengthened and enabled her to now use her passion, knowledge and experience to guide, advise and support her clients.

Tameka ceaselessly helps to reshape how civic and social justice organizations are engaged with and managed through her duties as executive/co-director of regional and statewide social justice organizations in Michigan. She is the convener for Black Women's Roundtable-Metro Detroit (BWR-Metro D) and the founding director for the Michigan Coalition on Black Civic Participation. Both organizations serve as in-state chapters of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation, providing intergenerational leadership development, mentoring, empowerment and a power-building arm for Black men, women and youth.

Tameka is proud to reside in Pontiac, Michigan, the city where she was born and raised, with her husband of over 20 years. Together they share 3 children, one grandson and a chocolate lab named Brownie.


“T Ramsey has helped my small business in more ways than one. I have taken business 101, and 201, and Am currently enrolled in 301. I can not just name one single thing but multiple that T Ramsey has helped my business grow. T Ramsey has promoted and networked my business with other organizations. T Ramsey has taught me the basics of business, how to expand, network, and grow. T Ramsey's awesome coaching skills have given my business the fundamentals needed to move forward in the entrepreneur world.”

Denise Harris

Healing Hearts Safety Services, CEO

For MI's Future
Black Women's Roundtable
Oakland Forward
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